We operate in Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast Regions to Assist those clients who are in need of capital.
The BBIC will provide financial assistance to the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast Black Business Community,
Primarily using (3) vehicles:


PBCBBIC-guaranteed loans are made by one of the PBCBBIC’s Member Banks and guaranteed up to a negotiated percent by the PBCBBIC, which helps reduce the lender's risk and helps the lender provide financing that's otherwise unavailable at reasonable terms. This means that if a black owned & controlled enterprise with a PBCBBIC guarantee cannot pay back its client loan, the PBCBBIC will be responsible for a set portion of that loan after appropriate processing.


PBCBBIC PBCBBIC Will work with partner banks to provided Letters of Credit in the support of black owned & controlled enterprises that are required to secure bonding in order to comply with their obligations on various projects.


PBCBBIC will entertain occasional requests for Equity Investments that allow for early exits and are personally guaranteed by the principals of black owned & controlled enterprises. And, the PBCBBIC will only use this product when all other Capital-raising options and sources have been exhausted.


In cooperation with other organizations, BBIC also provides training and educational
programs for Black businesses such as:

Preparation of business plans

marketing strategies

management and accounting

Operating Grant Contributor

Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners

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